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Waterfront Real Estate

New Bern, NC is poised at the intersection of Trent and Neuse River. The conjunction is called Union Point by locals, and it offers boundless opportunity waterfront life for residents. Smaller creeks, canals, and tributaries create micro neighborhoods giving greater opportunity to enjoy unique and breathtaking views from your breakfast table. With options for deep water docks in your backyard, you can change your commute to the water. Whether you motor boat on the Trent, kayak on Brices Creek, fish on the Neuse River, or simply cruise on your pontoon, waterfront real estate adds a new way to life.

Waterfront Real Estate Defined

Owning a home with a tranquil view, located on property with banks or shores, has always been a sought after feature. What is more peaceful than water in one of its many forms? Rivers, lakes, bays, or ocean—each brings an iconic sense of beauty. Living near water is sometimes known as residing near a “blue space”. Although not abundantly researched yet, the studies done so far have shown waterfront living to have a positive and beneficial impact on people’s health and well-being. Not to mention, it inspires calming walks and wonderful recreational possibilities. There is a good reason that water views and waterfront properties are coveted. They bring life, idyllic scenes, entertainment, and nature into our homes.

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Where Can I find Waterfront Real Estate?

New Bern, NC is part of what is thought of as the Inner Banks. It is nestled on the Neuse River, which leads to sounds and ocean. There are several neighborhoods that rest on the shores of the Neuse.

  • Fairfield Harbour:
    The sprawling Fairfield Harbour waterfront homes offer residents panoramic views, docks, and bulkheads. Bring your boat or simply enjoy your setting. It’s an active community, with boats as the centralized theme.
  • Riverbend:
    There is something enchanting about having a strip of river run past your property. There are lovely, more modest homes in Riverbend that offer intriguing features to highlight the waterfront aspect. Enjoy your views in sun rooms or from small docks.
  • Olde Towne:
    Majestic estates are what make up the waterfront homes in Olde Towne. This is the place where luxury homes meet waterfront—and they include gorgeous homes, covered porches, boat lifts, and the perfect access to enjoy your epic location.

Benefits to Owning a Waterfront Property

  • Recreation
  • Lovely views
  • Nature
  • Health

Our Personalized Real Estate Service

Your house is one of the biggest reflections of you. It is personal, a sanctuary, somewhere memories are made—the place you call home. Searching for one can be arduous process. We like to put the aesthetics in your hands. Your job is to identify houses that fulfill your needs, and that you can envision yourself in. Our job is to handle the business side of real estate, and to have thorough knowledge of the area and neighborhoods your top choices are located in. Think of it as the ultimate business partnership.

We look at this as a job that lets us make amazing things happen. Our professional experience let us do that seamlessly. We will lend you our expertise to assist you in finding your ideal waterfront real estate.

Is Waterfront Real Estate for Me?

Do you have a nautical soul? Are you passionate about water recreation? Maybe you have always felt connected to nature, or find meditative qualities and beauty in water views. Perhaps you appreciate the lifestyle that often comes with owning a waterfront property, especially a luxury one. Waterfront properties are more than good investments. They are a lifestyle that appeals to many. If you can imagine waking up to exceptional views, strolling along banks, or heading out for a morning on the water—then yes, waterfront real estate is for you.

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