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Trent Woods Real Estate

Considered one of New Bern’s most desired suburban locations, Trent Woods places you into an idyllic setting along Trent River. The neighborhood gained its name from the wooded areas around Trent River, where you now find stunning homes for sale. Because of its location, you’ll be situated close to all local shopping, highway access points, and to the New Bern Golf & Country Club.

Why move to Trent Woods, NC?

As we become experienced homeowners, we begin to realize that the house itself isn’t the only factor to consider when buying. Sometimes, it’s the setting that matters. And real estate in Trent Woods delivers on that idea.

Featuring waterfront properties along Trent River, you can find a home that puts you in an idyllic setting that lets you get a real touch of North Carolina nature. Long, summer days can be spent on the back porch, watching the water shimmer in the sunlight. Across the river, you’ll get a deeper touch of nature with stunning vistas of the Croatan National Forest. At the end of the day, it’s the quiet and peaceful setting that makes people feel at home in Trent Woods – and it’s why you should move here.

What homes are for sale in Trent Woods, NC?

Homes for sale in Trent Woods come at every price range and offer a variety of amenities. What sets the real estate apart is the location. As you find homes closer to New Bern, you’ll find more affordable options that subtlety exude the character of the community (which typically feature colonial and ranch architectural styles).

As your home search narrows down to properties along Trent River, you’ll find properties that offer additional luxuries, like boating docks, chef-style kitchens, and spacious master suites. If you’d like to learn more about what real estate can offer you in Trent Woods, check out what’s for sale today:

See Homes for Sale in Trent Woods

What are some good schools in Trent Woods?

Below, you can find some highly-rated schools located around Trent Woods. Because of the town’s size, residents often attend school in nearby New Bern, NC.

What are fun things to do in Trent Woods?

Life in Trent Woods is never boring. Weekends are often accompanied by community events or friendly meet ups. On holidays, you get to see neighbors come together for special celebrations. But if you’ve been itching to get outside and do something memorable, I’d suggest hitting the links at the New Bern Golf & Country Club or taking the boat out along the Trent River. Fishing is a popular pastime for residents of Trent Woods, but if you’d rather get out sailing, you can always talk to the Eastern Carolina Yacht Club.

Is the Trent Woods area right for me?

If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful community to settle down in, then Trent Woods is the right place for you. The community is very welcoming, and no other town gets more beautiful views of Trent River than Trent Woods. The plus side to all these characteristics is that it won’t break your bank account. Homes come at an affordable rate, giving you a slice of paradise for a fraction of the costs. For more information about Trent Woods, you can contact us.

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