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ET’s Corner – Trent Woods Sidewalks

Sidewalks in Trent Woods

Carolina Current

Every time I drive through Trent Woods now, I see something that makes my day just a little bit brighter. A little boy riding his new “big kid” bike with training wheels, with Mom and Dad right behind him safely, on a new sidewalk. Grandparents proudly push the stroller with the grandbaby safely, on a new sidewalk. My girlfriends taking the dogs out for a stroll, catching up on the news, and racking up their steps safely, on a new sidewalk.

          When you see the men and women working on Country Club Road with the traffic cones and their SLOW and STOP signs please be patient, because yes, you guessed it, they are working on more sidewalks. That’s why they have cut down some of the trees on Country Club Road that were too close to the pavement. Be patient, because the little bit of inconvenience will make our Trent Woods community a safer place to live, work, and play. 

          And those sidewalks make Trent Woods an even more desirable place to buy a home. It’s not just about safety and convenience; sidewalks build stronger, healthier communities because they encourage us all to get outside and connect with our neighbors. The old real estate adage of Location Location Location will always be true, and in today’s mobile world, a location with a strong community spirit becomes even more important. 

          Trent Woods is a great place to live, and the new sidewalks make it even more special. But have you thought about the fact that those sidewalks can increase the marketability of your home? That’s important because for most of us, our homes are our biggest financial asset. Community features that encourage healthy lifestyles and building meaningful connections can only help increase the value of your home over time. Real estate agents at Donna and Team New Bern at Keller WIlliams will be happy to perform a comparative market analysis for your Trent Woods properties; just give us a call. Not because you want to sell (though we do have buyers waiting!), but because you want to know its value. It’s likely worth more than you know. What’s not to like about new sidewalks?

          If Location, Location, Location is the best-known mantra in Real Estate, then you understand why Trent Woods is desirable. And if you are selling your home, that is very good news indeed. There are always buyers looking for properties in Trent Woods, and homes rarely stay on the market very long. There aren’t many building lots available either. 

          So what’s the bad news? If you are a buyer looking for a home in Trent Woods, it’s the exact same thing. You are competing with people who have the same game plan as you do, and properties in this community tend to sell pretty quickly. Our local real estate market has been insulated from the ups and downs that you hear about on the national news. Another component of the “Bad News” is the lack of inventory. Trent Woods just doesn’t have enough properties for sale to accommodate all the buyers interested in the community that we all love so much.

          What does that mean for you? If you are a Buyer, it is particularly important to talk to a Lender in advance. Being pre-approved for a mortgage will make you more competitive in this stable real estate market. And if you are a Seller, or even just considering it, make sure you interview several Real Estate agents to ensure you have solid market analysis to determine the best price for your property. Our homes are also investments, so don’t list your property until a trusted professional shows you the current value of properties like yours.

-ET Mitchell

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